AGE 4- 99

"I played with my children and they loved the games. Games are unique and the instructions are coherent and easy to follow.
Definitely interested in purchasing additional kits."
Judy Buchnick

Looking for ideas for fun activity in Passover?

Want a fun way to pass on the content of Passover to kindergarten or school children in or to your holiday guests?

Looking for a creative and high quality activity that no one had thought about?

What can you do that would be interesting for everyone?

Our Passover FunKit includes creative fun activities for Passover, the Haggadah and Spring in Hebrew and English, all easy and ready to use.

With great games that keep their full attention for the duration

Tested and Approved as 'awesome' by hundreds of thousands of kids

Unique fun that they've never quite done before

Recommended by parents as 'easy'

Passover FunKit is rich and full of content, motion games, challenging thinking and art and craft activities, suitable for ages 4-99 and adapted for children that live abroad.

What do you get?

PDF file that includes 9 activities and exciting games that were tested successfully.

You don’t need to wait for delivery of Passover FunKit and it available for download immediately.

No need to spend hours pulling all these free party ideas a coherent and fun plan.

No worrying if it will come off OK or if your child will be thrilled with their celebration.

All done with less money or time spent to pull this together than you would otherwise spend.

For who is Passover FunKit suitable for?

For class activities, home gatherings and entertainment with friends, for Passover kindergarten or school, summer camps and anyone who want to spend quality time with the kids as well as adults.

Your bonuses –

1. FunKit is rich of easy to use games.

2. The content of the kit was tested across hundreds of children and groups and has proven to be interesting and fun for children.

3. The files are designed and ready for printing at home.

4. Arrive within a few minutes and are designed for repetitive use

We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and will provide our clients with full refund in case of dissatisfaction.

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For Hebrew Version:

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